Manish Malhotra Celebrates 25 Years!

December 10, 2015

Manish Malhotra

manish Malhotra

Indian "Bollywood" designer, Manish Malhotra has just completed 25 years in the industry, and is absolutely leaving behind a legacy and beautiful history. His craftsmanship and storytelling represents the contemporary side of India. He designs and styles for the most well-known Bollywood actresses. His background in costume design and eye for the extremely glamorous helped him rise to the top. Manish is one of the most sought out designers in India for couture, film, and wedding dresses.


Manish became an international design and promoted the Indian culture through his work by using Indian embroidery, design, and fabric. Vogue celebrates the end of this era by featuring him and his work on the cover. Manish was 23 years old when he entered the film industry and has become very well liked by his peers. The models on the cover spill how much they love working with him.


“I feel like a lot of designers… are so full of themselves they don’t even care to find out what the consumer is feeling. For me it’s the opposite, I have a connect with the audience. My ultimate goal is for the person wearing my garment to feel good in it. I design clothes for weddings and there were times when people looked down on it, but I have always felt like I am a part of such an important day in someone’s life, and they will remember that outfit more than anything else.” - Manish Malhotra

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