Caribbean Runway – Nudes of the Week

August 11, 2015

When we think of the Caribbean islands, we typically think bathing suits. Well...the island ladies know how to pull off super chic high fashion NUDES as featured in Caribbean Runway Magazine! Caribbean Runway, Caribbean Runway Magazine, nude dresses, dresses trend, tropical style,

Trinidad and Tobago - Even during Carnival they pull out the Nudes: nude jewels, nude make-up and nude costumes!

Trinidad and Tobago Nude Lips and Fashion, caribbean runway

And of course the sexy Rihanna back to her roots in Barbados rockin her nude eyes and lips!

Rihanna-Carnival-close-up nude lips

Covered in Nude inside tip: Carnival Costumes

When we think carnival style costumes, Rio de Janeiro typically comes to mind. But there are more intimate Caribbean Carnivals on many of the 25 Caribbean islands that most of us don't really know about featuring beautiful costumes. If you are ready for a vacation to crystal clear waters and foo foo fruity drinks...its time to head to the caribbean islands and make sure you keep your eyes open for all their nude fashion and beauty!


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