Uniqueness about the color NUDE:

"Nude is muted elegance and classy-ness. The color compliments your skin tone and makes the colors you wear pop, while it sits quietly in the background pulling everything together." -Nisha Shah, Chief Nudist

So why does Covered In Nude exist?

All of us women have different personalities, likes, dislikes and tastes. Not only are we all beautiful, but are also graced with a varying range of skin tones from creamy ivory to rich espresso. So how do you find your right shade of nude? Covered in Nude exists to bring you all things fashion and beauty in all shades of nude. As with any color, nude comes in a large spectrum of shades, so it's important to find the right shade of nude in any given product for your specific skin tone and taste.

Let us help you be Covered in Nude!