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August 2015


Pimp Out Your Nude Nails

August 31, 2015


Nude nails too boring for you? Try these tips!

Don't match them all.


Go geometric.


Get cat claws.


Get cat claws and then add some rhinestones.


Add a minimalistic touch.


Add that gold.


Jewelry never hurts.


Exclusive Interview with Buff You Intimates

August 26, 2015

SHOT_07_235F copy

Buff You Intimates is an intimate apparel line getting ready to launch nude bras and undies, and we're super excited!

This brand really touched our hearts at Covered In Nude, and so we had to sit down with the founders for an exclusive interview to show you exactly why they have captivated us. Buff You is planning on producing nude product that will vary tremendously in shade, meaning no exclusions when it comes to dark skin! This is the first nude-based brand we have seen that really wants to cloth women of all skin colors. Buff You has a charitable factor embedded into their business as well. Do you really need another reason to invest?

Meet the amazing women behind the brand, Rae (left) and Alex (right).

When and how did the idea for Buff You Intimates (BYI) come about?

"We, Alex and Rae, were shopping for a nude bra a few years ago for Rae to wear under a sheer blouse she was planning to wear on a night out with friends. Alex assumed this would be super easy because, with light skin, she’s never had a problem finding a nude bra. We literally tried every store in the mall looking for something that remotely matched Rae’s golden brown skin. Guess what? Nothing existed. Alex was especially annoyed by the “one nude fits all” mentality that excluded the needs of so many women. It was then that we both decided we could do something to change this gap in the market, and Buff You was born."


Who are the chief creators of BYI and how did they come together?

"We, Rae and Alex, are the chief creators and brains behind the brand. We met in college at Emory University, and have been great friends ever since. We’re part of a larger group of female friends that are extremely close-knit and unyieldingly supportive of each other. The two of us never imagined we’d be co-founders of a business, and although the process has been challenging in many ways, we have been so fortunate to be able to lean on each other. Working with a partner who is smart, driven, and fearless is great, but when that person is also your best friend, it makes the work so much more enjoyable. Our friendship and life experiences have directly influenced how Buff You has grown. Any time we make a decision we think “What would we like?” and hope that our customers will also be happy with it."

Where are these bras and panties being made? Tell us a little about the manufacturing process?

"Buff You bras and underwear are manufactured in Columbia, South America for a variety of reasons, including an assurance that our factory’s practices fit our quality and human rights standards. Our products are made in an environment with humane working conditions and fair wages, which is incredibly important to us.

We’ve also learned that creating the perfect nude-colored lingerie line is an extremely technical, and often iterative, process. Bras are complex because of the many parts and special machines required to construct them. Additionally, we needed to partner with a factory with expertise dying fabrics, since color is essential to our brand. Although the two of us had virtually no design experience, we tweaked sample after sample sent from the factory with regards to style, details, fit, and feel. Once we had personally tried on every product and felt satisfied, we shared it with friends and family for their feedback. It was a great exercise for us, since we used to consider ourselves to be non-creative people. Now we can confidently say that we have some fashion design skills!"

SHOT_06_027F copy

A close to the heart question for Covered in Nude, how were BYI shades of nude determined?

"We realized that the best way to match colors would be to match customers themselves. So we began by collecting data on real women, starting with our friends and family. We threw a couple of “market testing parties” in New York City and Washington DC where we invited a bunch of friends and friends-of-friends to meet, drink cocktails, eat cookies, review the product samples, and match their skin to color swatches."

So there was quite an in depth Market Testing process which, included “Testing Parties.” We like the sound of that, and need to hear more!

"We got a lot of great feedback - for instance, did you know that most women’s chests are a shade or two lighter than their face or arms? At the end of the testing, we nailed down the four most frequently chosen colors and put them into production. We tried to be extremely thorough in this process; however, we recognize this is just the start. That’s why our crowdfunding campaign is so important. Through it, we’re inviting those who buy our products to be the grassroots customers who take Buff You from good to great. Customer feedback from the campaign will help us make the necessary adjustments to add even more colors to our inventory. Our goal is to match as many skin tones as possible, so every woman can feel confident that her personality is showing through, not her underwear."

You mentioned above you are currently in a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO ending soon; share the deets please, and how our readers can contribute?

"Certainly! We’re excited to have officially launched our campaign through IndieGoGo. Not only does the campaign help us raise funds through donations, but more importantly, it gives our supporters the opportunity to be part of the growth of Buff You Intimates from the start. We’re not simply trying to raise money - we’re inviting women who’ve had the issue of finding nude lingerie that matches their skin tones the chance to directly contribute to producing the perfect bra and undies for them. Each donor automatically becomes a Buff You family member - privy to discounts, early access to new styles, and a direct line to us with feedback on the look, feel, fit, and colors of the products. We value these opinions and want to make sure we grow a brand that everyone is proud to support. Further, we are asking everyone to help change the view on nude - breaking the current 'one nude fits all' mentality and building a community of inclusiveness."

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.10.25 AM

We hear BYI is quite socially conscious, tell us about your partnership with Women in Need (Win) NYC.

"When we started Buff You, we knew we not only wanted to address the immediate need of nude lingerie that matches more than one skin tone. We also felt passionately that through the brand we could give back to women facing challenging circumstances. We are strong believers that empowered women empower women. Through our experience working at women’s shelters, we knew all too well that undergarments are some of the most needed items. It was a natural fit to partner with Women in Need (Win) in NYC as part of our Indiegogo campaign where for every $100 donation or bra/undie set purchased, an undergarment will be donated to Win. For more information on the work they do, please visit their website."

When and where will the bras and panties be available for purchase? 

"Those eager to try our bras and undies can currently pre-order via our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Later this Fall 2015, we will begin selling our products via our website. We realize the importance of trying on undergarments and properly matching one’s skin tone to the product, and we intend to be sold in retail stores in the near future to allow our customers the most streamlined shopping experience."

Prices for BYI bras and panties?

"Our bras range from $48-52 and panties from $18-22, depending on the style."

Size options?

"Our cup sizes range from A-K, and band sizes from 32-44."

Anything else you would like to share with our Covered in Nude readers?

"We love your blog and think that changing the view on nude is so important. The idea that nude is more than one color is making its way into fashion, beauty, retail, etc., and we couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the #chooseyournude movement!"

Thanks Alex and Rae!

Everyone, go support this amazing brand!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.28.45 PM


Our Current Fav – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

August 24, 2015

NYX has so many great products that have high pigmentation, but come with budgeted price tags. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is one of our favorites. The NUDES in this line are amazing.

Check these beautiful nude shades on some of the most popular Instagram MUAs:


Stockholm (ummakeupartistry)

London (plain_julia)

Abu Dhabi (makeupbysarahmae_)

Zurich (makeup_beauty90)

Athens (karrenjadexx)

Cairo (missangiemar)



August 23, 2015

Actress/model, Hayden Shinger submitted these pics to us raving about nude panels, and we get it! Nude mesh on dresses makes everything so much sexier and classier.

This girl is stunning. #SELFIESUNDAY





August 22, 2015

We've been seeing a lot of fringe shoes. Especially when it comes to nude shoes. Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in these babies not too long ago.


Here are some of our favorites:


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.36.55 PM

Aquazzura Suede Braided Rope High Heel Sandal in Khaki ($625)

Strip Searched Strappy Fringe Heels in Taupe ($30.60)



Valentino Leather Fringe Espadrille Wedge in Light Cuir ($543)

Beige Lace Up Peep Toe Sandals with Fringe Cuffs ($29.23)


Joe's Jeans Nessie Bootie ($179)

ARID Fringe Ankle Boots ($150)


Loeffler Randall Sienna Fringe Ankle Cuff Flat Sandal ($295)

Cici Hot Caged Gladiator Fringe Sandals ($13.95 ON SALE!)


Tory Burch Hyde Leather Perforated Fringe Flats in Nude or Bordeaux ($295)

Forever21 Fringed Faux Patent Loafers in Nude ($24.90)


Gold Nine Ink – Add it to your summer wardrobe.

August 21, 2015


Have you been seeing those jewelry inspired temporary tattoos a lot lately? These temp tattoos have been trending heavily, and they're such great accessories to add to your summer wardrobe. The initial brand, Flash Tattoos, has been creating designs based off jewelry, but we found a brand that has been creating these gorgeous tattoos based off of henna designs...even better!

Graphic designer/fashionista, Shaily Savla founded Gold Nine Ink inspired by her Indian culture and the love of gold (yes, gold counts as a nude!). Since then, Gold Nine Ink has been able to work with big time names like Dress Your Face GLOBAL BEAUTY EDUCATOR, Tamanna Roashan, and has created these amazing collections. Use Promo Code NUDE15 to get 15% off now!


FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (1)

You can also put these tats on your nails!


What are you waiting for? Go Shop!

Use Promo Code NUDE15 to get 15% off now!


Hijab going NUDE?

August 19, 2015


The hijab is used by various Muslim women as an instrument to practice their religion. It's a scared item of clothing for these women, and not only represents their faith, but also their conviction to modesty. Many Muslim women like to up the level of this garment by keeping it fashion forward. Nude has become a trending color among such women.


Check out the these hibjabi fashionista pics we found through social media!


1085cd48f86158cd1374863233bbaff0 c88bc226ddb3da5c94f3fde5e42f4571





Some great blogs we ran into:

Hijab Chic

Sketches of Mind


The Hybrids

Great shopping destinations for NUDE hijabs:

Haute Hijab




Contouring…your body???

August 17, 2015

So contouring and highlighting your face has become a norm for makeup lovers, but now people have began to contour bodies as well! You can create illusions to make yourself look more toned and defined. You can even give your self a six pack. Who knew?!

There are a couple ways you could do this. The first is with makeup.



Of course we found a Youtube video on how to fake those abs.

You can also use self-tanning sprays.


Amazing right? We go try it!


#SELFIESUNDAY – Nudist Submission from the Middle East

August 16, 2015
Flags of the middle east

This stunning beauty from the Middle East is literally Covered in Nude from her nude Fashion to her nude make up and we LOVE IT!!!

A special shout out to her nude Hijab which can be rocked with all nude fashion like she did so perfectly, or with any and all colors of fashion!Nude outfit selfie wearing hijab (1st choice)

Covered in Nude inside tip: Where to find the most fashionable Haute Hijabs online!

Hijabs are such a beautiful accessory to wear that can take your outfit over the top. Yes, their purpose is religious, but that doesn't mean you can't look fabulous while carrying out your beliefs. Haute Hijab is the place to shop for the most fashionable hijabs and as you will see, NUDE is the color of choice with so many to choose from!


TREND ALERT – MISSGUIDED from UK is Setting Fast Fashion Trends

August 15, 2015
United_Kingdom flag of the hottest brands out of the UK right now is setting all kinds of fashion trends internationally (Their success story is a very interesting read.). Celebrities are constantly wearing their fabulous styles here in the states as we have seen on the Kardashians. We particularly love the NUDE-ness they bring in all different shades from blush to rust!

Here are some of their current nude trending fashions:

Faux Suede Belted Trench Coat $100

coat, nude trends, nudes style, fashion trends, uk trends, uk brand, fashion,


High Neck Split Cami $50

 nude trends, nudes style, fashion trends, uk trends, uk brand, fashion,

Faux Suede Buckle Back Bodycon Dress $50

(Covered in Nude especially loves this dress as an ode to our TREND ALERT - Nude Suedes  post last week)

nude trends, nudes style, fashion trends, uk trends, uk brand, fashion,

Sleeveless Bodysuit $20 (Covered in Nude loves this bodysuit as featured on our "The NUDE Bodysuit - Where to Buy" post)

nude trends, nudes style, fashion trends, uk trends, uk brand, fashion,

Laser Cut Tie Back Heeled Sandals $90

missguided sandal

Patent Envelope Clutch $36

missguided patent clutch

Covered in Nude inside tip: Another UK Fast Fashion etailer to check out

BOOHOO is local UK based etailer and major competitor to MISSGUIDED that is definitely worth checking out (Although MISSGUIDED has a special place in Covered in Nude's heart-we love their large variety if NUDE fashion).

Image Source:


Ahhh Japanese Fashion…From Sassy Chic to the Streets in Nude Fashion

August 14, 2015

Japanese FashionJapan flag

Japanese fashion trends tend to be heavy with bright colors.  Looks of anime is also a popular style. But they also know how to bring classiness with their subtle nude fashion and make up. Come on..does it get any sassier and cuter than this!

Nude Fashion and Make up Tokyo

Now lets go from sassy to the streets for Japanese street fashion (courtesy of Japanese Streets)

Three shades of nude playing so nicely together. Whoops, lets not forget the hair scarf...make that four shades of nude!

japanese fashion


Covered in Nude inside tip: Hot Japanese Designer

Cecil McBee who just has a way of creating elegant style. Check out their Autumn 2015 collection and nude clutches and watches.

If you want the more hard core street style which is more signature Harajuku Tokyo, then Syndrome is the shopping stop!


Nude saree – Next stop India…Sexy elegance

August 12, 2015

Nude Saree

We love the pure femininity and sexiness of a Nude Saree. We typically know Indian fashion to be full of bright, vibrant colors. but they sure do know how to do NUDE also! Saree fashion is beautiful and elegant. Many fashion designers draw inspiration from the culture. Nude saree, covered in nude, nude fashion, indian style, katrina kaif

Covered in Nude inside tip: Where to buy amazing Indian fashion online!

If you are looking for a Saree, you don't have to fly all the way to India (although that would be exciting). Shop one of Covered in Nudes favorite online boutiques Pernia's Pop Up Shop for Sarees and a variety of Indian fashions in all shades of Nude.

India flag